Action and stealth go hand-in-hand in this adventure


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Deity, according to its developers, is a stealth action game with unique gameplay mechanics, inspired in large part by games like Diablo, Torchlight, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. But what exactly is it all about?

In Deity we play the role of a mysterious purple demon deity whose world is being attacked by celestial creatures aiming to wipe out any evil creature with breath left in it. Unfortunately for them, we control this demon, whose powers will let us crush all enemies using stealth and darkness. Because our evil hero is not particularly skilled at direct combat, we have to make full use of his talent for finishing off unexpected enemies from the security of the shadows.

The graphics are very well done and are especially impressive when considering that absolutely everything, including the custom engine, was created from zero for this game. The interplay of shadows and light effects is masterfully reproduced, and the character figures, although rather simple, still make the grade.

Deity is exceptionally short, and can be easily finished in a single sitting. But the developers' goal was not to create a long experience; rather, they aimed to show off the unique gameplay mechanics without too many flourishes. And in this regard, they achieved their goal. Deity is a treat that ends quickly, but a delicious one through and through.
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